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Bridget Haren Hair Makes First Cut in Irish Hairdressing History

Bridget Haren Hair & Beauty has made the first cut in Irish Hairdressing history by registering the first Apprentices on the new National Hairdressing Apprenticeship.


The National Hairdressing Apprenticeship Consortium Steering Group announced the launch of this new Apprenticeship on 12th of September 2019, a historic day for the hairdressing industry in Ireland. The National Hairdressing Apprenticeship has been formally validated by Quality Qualifications Ireland and is the first-ever nationally recognised standard for hairdressers in Ireland, offering excellent opportunities to apprentices and leading to a nationally recognised qualification at QQI Level 6.


The development of this apprenticeship has been a truly collaborative process where industry and education experts have come together to develop this national standard. This apprenticeship programme blends college and in-salon education under a consistent training structure. , supporting employers in developing and nurturing their apprentices.


This will assist apprentices in gaining a recognised qualification and learning the skills required to gain successful employment in salons across the country.

Salon Owner, Bridget Haren, comments, “I’ve been waiting for a national apprenticeship since I started my career 24 years ago. I was delighted to work as part of the Irish Hairdressing Council and CSG Group that was industry lead to developing the Apprenticeship. This group worked closely with the Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board who is the first education centre to roll this out.”