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Short Hair Style – Beachy Boho Wave

Get a beachy boho wave in your short hair.

We won’t be getting to the beach if it’s not in our 5km but you can still have the beachy feeling!

Shauna shows the short-haired ladies how to create a textured wave and even gives a tip for saving time! Shauna uses the Voduz Hair straightener which has curved edges to allow you to get a straight or wavy look. And again the Infrared and titanium heat plates make it less damaging on your hair. Don’t forget to start with a heat protector like the Style Stories one Shauna uses. Experiment with these looks while you have a bit of time so you can emerge from Lockdown with fabulous hair!

1. Prep your hair with Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector

2. Start by sectioning your hair going from ear to ear.

3. Tie the back section in a bobble to keep it out of the way.

4. Split the first section into 2 parts.

5. Hold the Voduz straightener downwards. Twist the first piece away from your face and the next piece towards your face for extra texture using the twist and release motion.

6. Continue throughout the rest of the section.

7. In the back grab bigger sections and bend it under when your hair is a bit shorter.

8. Shake through with your hands.

Good Tip- Braid your hair the night before just curl random pieces the next day.

Pick up the Voduz and heat protector used in this video.


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