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Joico Colorful Anti-Fade Set


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Gift set for long lasting colour vibrancy contains:

-Joico Colorful Anti-Fade Shampoo 300ml.

-Joico Colorful Anti-Fade Conditioner 250ml.

A gentle cleanser that takes out what you DON’T want, and leaves behind everything you DO! With Joico Colorful Anti-Fade Set daily dirt is gently washed away, while it preserves the long-term vibrancy and intensity of gorgeous hair colour.

Joico Colorful Shampoo: Formulated with Cameilla Oil and Pomegranate Fruit Extract, this rich shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes to help protect the longevity of color-treated hair. This shampoo featurtes provides UV protection for longer-lasting colour and is free of SLE/SLES Sulfates. How to use: Apply to wet hair. Lather and rinse well. Follow with Colorful Conditioner.

Joico Colorful Conditioner: Formulated with Camellia Oil and Pomegranate Fruit Extract, this nourishing conditioner helps restore shine, smooth hair and protect the longevity of colour. Increases shine and manageability and guards against the dulling effects of pollution. Free of SLE/SLES Sulfates. How to use: Apply to clean, damp hair. Leave for 1 minute and rinse well.