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R&Co On A Cloud Shampoo


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Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo. 251ml

R&Co On a Cloud is a luxe oil-protein shampoo to provide the gentlest cleansing for hair damaged by chemical processes, excessive heat tools, styling and external aggressors. The repairing formula helps re-bond the inner strength as it cleanses, infusing hair with moisture, essentials oils and caring ingredients. Contains Baobab Oil from the Baobab Tree commonly known as the “Tree of Life”. It is brimming with omega-three essential fatty acids, which are nourishing to your scalp and hair. Baobab oil contains vitamins B and C, which can lead to improved hair health and shine.


-Gluten Free

-Vegan & Cruelty Free

-UV Protection

How to use: Apply to the middle of your hair and work through from roots to ends.